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Traveling Mom: Disney World with Toddler

If I tell you I wrote a 20-page paper about Disney, you probably won't believe me. But yes, that's exactly the topic of my thesis about: how Disney movies shape young generation's pop culture and influence the ideology of feminism and girl power! I can't say that I'm a super fan of Walt Disney, but I know I have to visit its biggest theme park franchise just to check the real life "magic experience" off my list. I waited and waited, and finally I made it, exploring Disney World for the first time, with my 16 month old baby!

There are many concerns about taking my toddler with me on the trip, such as he's too young for theme parks, and August is too hot in Orlando...But all put aside, when I was offered a 3-night of free stay in Orlando, it didn't leave me much time to worry about all the travel details. We jumped on the plane feeling just like my husband's favorite qoute--"YOLO".

For parents who have took their tiny little ones to D…

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