Moved Again

In the past two weeks, I have been busy with packing and moving to a new home in the suburb. Ironically, my blog's name is “almost nomadic”, but I’m moving further and further away from it, more like settling down begins along with a lifelong mortgage.  

My family has been through the pack-and-go lifestyle and I guess this is for a change, but it doesn’t mean we will stop outdoor adventure and occasionally living in another country. 

This is a new chapter living in the suburb and going through the daily commute. I'm trying to go to the office more often since I'm more focused without distraction. Moving to a suburb means having to drive at least 40 minutes a day, one way. I'm stuck in traffic most of the time. Thinking of ways to use those valuable commute time in the car, like listening to podcasts, or self-recording thoughts for blog ideas or journals. 

Let me know your daily commute podcasts, cuz I could use some recommendations!

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