52-Week Writing Challenge - Inspired by "Atomic Habits"

This marks my first day of implementing James Clear’s Atomic Habits. I want to use his method to establish a consistent habit of writing and blogging.

Storying telling and content creation are my creative core. It is who I am, and I want to make it a lifelong habit. I want to do it without even forcing myself to write, without getting carried away by life events or work stress. 

How to Start

I will write for 10 minutes (whether it's a paragraph or a few thoughts) right after I wake up and brush my teeth.

I call it the Ultimate 52-Week Writing Challenge: I will reinforce this habit five times a week, for 52 weeks, and see how far I can go, and what content will turn out at the end of this year. 

I also want to remind myself that I will focus more on showing up every day rather than overthinking the depth of the writing.

Let’s build a new habit together! For a creative and meaningful life ahead!

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