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Work Outfit for Mom-To-Be

As a soon to be new mom, I am already very tired of wearing those oversize shirts and stretchy leggings for the past few months. There are not that much maternity clothes that will suit for daily wear as well as for work. (Yes, I do prefer to wear something at least semi-formal when I go to the office where clients going in and out most of the time. )
I was wandering at Nordstorm the other day and admiring all the new Spring styles in women's department. Sad for me as none of them would fit my body and this big belly, I noticed a for sale section in Topshop where they have some nice looking blazers for business casual wear. One navy blue one caught my attention right away. The material, not too thick or too flowy, gives a feel of professional suit top. It's big enough to cover my waist and bust, but still keep my body in a fitted shape in general.

Are You Ready for Oscars 2017?

I haven't posted about movies for a long time. As the Academy Awards night is right around the corner, are you catching up with as many nominated movies as possible like what I did in the past two weeks? Here are two interesting ones that I would suggest any movie lovers to start with, especially when you want something entertaining as well as inspirational to watch.

1. Hidden Figures (2016)
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Based on the true story that happened in 1960s, the movie revealed how African American female scientists contributed their intelligence to NASA's satellite launching projects. I can't say enough how meaningful and inspirational seeing a movie like this, especially as a woman of color myself. Achieving in a traditionally male-dominated field is extremely hard without the support of female colleagues and an open-minded society. Even in today, women of color are still struggling to break through many professional and creative fields. 

This film has a great storyline and excellent casting choices. Taraji P. Henson is perfect for the role of Katherine Johnson as a smart and strong mathematician working hard to pursue her dream. As mentioned in one of her speech, Taraji has a struggling life, being a single mother and working actress. Discard of social opinions on what a "colored" single mother can do, she strives in her acting career in her 40s, and portraits strong female character in popular shows like Empire, and now an Oscar nominated film Hidden Figures. She has a really good shot in winning the Best Actress this year. My prediction for the overall film on Oscars night is Best Writing Adapted Screenplay. 

2. La La Land (2016)
Distributed by Summit Entertainment

Valentine's Maternity Shoot

Being 8 month pregnant doesn't give me much motivation to shop for clothes or dress up for photo shoot. I think I'm just not used to see myself in maternity clothes exposing my swollen limbs and growing body figure lol. With all my pre-pregnancy dresses getting way too tiny, there're really not many choices on maternity clothes that I feel the impulse to spend a fortune on knowing that they will be discarded after the baby's born.

So for this Valentine's Day, instead of getting a new dress, I decided to piece together some cute accessories to spice up the outfit for moms-to-be. One of my newest accessory purchase is this reversible tote bag from Nordstrom. It's big, casual, and versatile. I love the tan color that matches most of my wardrobes. The inside color is cognac, a little bit darker, but also works well with any color outfits. Can you guess what I can fit in this tote bag? My wallet, sweater, water bottle, some snacks, makeups, chargers and a light book...Very soon, this bag will come in handy to hold all my baby stuff!

The next piece is a small hair pin in a butterfly kinda shape, super cute and easy to pin on the side of your hair or it can be used for hair up-dos if that's your style. The bling bling effect gives the outfit a glamorous touch. My mom got it for me from China for my wedding three years ago, but I didn't get to use it. Now I look at this hair piece, though a bit over exaggerative, it makes a strong statement for special holidays like Valentines, it's bold, sparks, and draws all attention of your lover. 

I'm not a big fan of necklace but I do have a few that I bought a while ago at local jewelry stores that I barely wear. I picked this gold/yellow necklace piece to go with the dark rose color shirt. A little bit too strong on the color combination but it turns out great under the sun, with a great contrast to the shades and my dark hair. Sitting on a bench and enjoying the sunny weather with some pretty accessories on is exactly what a relaxing day that I could ask for. 

Cravings and Cravings

A frequent question that I got the most during this pregnancy is "How bad was the morning sickness, any special cravings?" Luckily enough, I did not have any nausea symptoms during the first two trimesters, and hopefully there won't be any in the last few months. I can pretty much eat anything. As for special cravings, spicy and sour food is my favorite during first couple of months. I will put kimchi, pickle or Sriracha hot sauce in every meal! Now that I think of it, the combination flavors sound kinda weird and gross...

Good part is that phase only lasted for a couple of months. Now my cravings went back to my usual sweets: cakes, ice creams, anything served in desserts.
1. Drinking too much tea is not very good for pregnant women because it limits iron intakes. But it is just so hard to quit my long time addiction, milk tea. (I will try not to drink it every day like before.)
But just look at this cute light bulb shape of milk tea, how can you help not to order one, right?

Besides milk tea, pastries and mocha latte are my recent favorites. Found this new coffee shop not far from my place. Their mocha latte is very refreshing and milky, their croissant is wheat based, a healthier option for preggo. And the place decorated very hipster, reminds me of Austin coffee shop a lot. Very cool place to catch an afternoon drink with my girl friends.
Next up is cake, all kinds of cakes! I went to two birthday parties in two weeks, tried a slice of almond fruity cake, very creamy and soft, too good, I forgot to snap a picture of it...Another one that I explored is ice-cream strawberry cheese cake. It's very iced, sweet, and very filling for an after meal desert. The look of the whole cake is very colorful and pretty. The cake is so dense that I couldn't even finish two small slices...