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Liebster Award 2017

Almost Nomadic is nominated for The Liebster Award 2017! Huge thanks to The Forever Honeymooners, a great blog about a couple's life, travel and adventures. Please do check their blog and see how they keep a "honeymoon state of mind" throughout marriage. 
Questions from The Forever Honeymooners: If there is one person you want to travel with (not including your family) who will that be?--I want to travel with a filmmaker or a video photography, to record every adventure and make a life movie out of it.If there is only one place you can travel to, where will that be? --Hmm, too many good places...I will have to pick Barcelona, a lot of beautiful memories in that city.What are the five things you will never travel without? --Camera, IDs, iPhone, credit card and a cute dress.What is your best travel memory? --Husband buying me favorite dessert in every city we travel.What is be worst challenge you have ever come across while on the road? --I got pickpocketed abroad and lost…

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