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Float Spa, A Spiritual Retreat for Mother's Day

It has been over a year since I became a mother. To be honest, taking care of a baby was nothing that I expected. It turned out to be the biggest challenge that I went through, physically and emotionally. Although it got much easier when my baby turned one, exhaust and stress didn't seem to go away at all. Sometimes, I just need to be alone for an hour and give my body the energy to reboot.

I enjoyed doing yoga and breathing exercise, however I wanted to try something new, and found out about Healing Waters Float Spa. I was very intrigued by the idea of using salt water for meditation and healing therapy, so I booked my first appointment with them. The moment I stepped into the meditation room my mind was already at peace. The soothing music, flowing water sound and the whole calming atmosphere suddenly separated me from the busy world. It put me in a relaxing and stressless mood and spiritually ready for my float session.

The staff was very welcoming. He explained every steps of…

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