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Sustainable Fashion

I saw this post one day when I was browsing Instagram, that a few female influencers advocating not buying new clothes for a whole year, and this idea of no more new clothes instantly clicked in my mind. When I looked at my closet, clothes, dresses and shoes are piled up and it takes me such long time to pick something to wear everyday. If one day I'm moving out this house, it will be a huge headache just to pack up the whole closet...

Time Consuming
I have hard time making choices in general. Adding more clothes just add more time for me to choose what I should wear everyday. Especially that I don't have a specific style of fashion, I buy clothes impulsively most of the time, and I ends up having too many various styles, which drives me crazy sometimes just to get ready for an event. This might sound familiar to you: put on one dress and second doubt it, change to another one, and to another one... more choices will make me overthink about the way I look or feel.

Money, Mone…

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