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How to Share A Link to Facebook Stories


If you have an Instagram account, you're probably familiar with Instagram story feature, where you can share pictures and videos that only last 24 hours for your audience to check out. You can also share clickable links on IG story, a feature that I like the most, especially useful for bloggers to promote new posts or for business to promote their sites.

A clickable link is the easiest way to direct your audience to an online page. However, Instagram doesn't grant this function to all users. Only accounts that have over 10,000 followers have the ability to add a link to stories. That makes it very difficult for small business or new bloggers who don't have enough followers to promote their pages.

So if you just start up a website and want to share the link through stories, here's the good news: Facebook now has a similar feature that allows users to add a clickable link through FB story. How great is that!

Some of you probably will ask: why do we even bother with Facebook Stories? It's quite true that there are not as many people use the story feature as on Instagram. Facebook is still in testing phase of adding links to stories. But this is exactly why you need to get in the game before everyone else does.  (I usually don't write about tech posts. But since I'm so stoked about this trick, I have to share my excitement with you.)

Without further ado, here is the step-by step tutorial for you on how to add a link to FB stories:

1. Copy the URL of the website that you want to share

2. Go to your Facebook homepage where you usually post an update.
This is a big different from IG Story. If you are looking for the "add link" icon in FB story mode, you'll probably be disappointed. The trick is: you have to go to your timeline in order to insert the link.

3. Create a post by pasting the link of the website that you want to share

4. Tap the "share" button on the top right

5. In the dropdown menu, make sure you choose the "Share to Your Stories" option, not "to News Feed"
--This is the key step!
Share link to your FB story

6. Last one, tap "Share Now"
Voila, your link has now been added to your story, and it will direct your audience straight to your web page.

Not too difficult right? This feature is still relatively new and currently in testing phase. I'm sure there will be more updates, especially for business account/FB page stories. Stay tuned! But as for now, if you have a website or article to share through stories in your personal account, please give it a try and let me know how you like it.

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