Nomadic State of Mind

I like to reflect on myself and my journey, especially at this time of the year (less than a month left in 2018!) When I first started my blog, I was an active traveler, who constantly looking for interesting places to explore. I just love the idea of meeting new people, learning new cultures and experiencing life with a curious soul.

Ok, reality check, I am not a full time traveler who camps in nature and hitchhikes to places. However that curious state of mind is still deeply rooted in me and helps me "wander" through life journey by exploring every aspects of it (not only travel related but also career, wellness and motherhood related.) Sometimes this journey doesn't always have a clear direction, but it is totally FINE. Just like a nomad will do, I choose to embrace the uncertainties and the unseens, because it's these unpredictables that make life exciting and fun!

So here's to another year of living a story-worthy life with a nomadic state of mind.

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