Zero Budget Challenge: Holiday Party Dress for Petites

It's that time of the year, when Christmas is around the corner and you can't wait to dress up for holiday parties and New Year Eve events. Before you hop to shop for a new dress, why not take a look at your existing closet and see if you can mix and match a holiday outfit with few or zero buck spent.

First thing when you dig through your closet is to look for a black dress. If you find one, then congratulations! You got the outfit for holiday parties. A solid elegant black dress is actually ALL you need. 
Can you believe that this black dress has been with me for 8 years? I love how stretchy it is and just happy that I'm still able to put it on. When you have a dress that has been with you for that long, it starts to feel very personal because of the memories and stories that you shared together, like how it helped you stand up at a party or how romantic you felt in that dress at anniversary celebrations. (And that's the emotional reason why I can't throw any clothes away.) 

Next up is a maroon dress that I got from Madewell on sale (for only $24!). I like the fit so much that I bought another one in dark green. Both are perfect color for Christmas season. In Chinese culture, it is a tradition to wear something red for holidays, especially in celebration of New Year. 
The picture above was not taken at a party, but at the rooftop of Hilton hotel at Downtown Houston. It was the day after the party, and my feet were so bruised from the heels that I wore the night before. What a smart idea to bring those comfy flats with me (absolutely save the day!)

At this point, you probably figure out that my go-to style of dresses is short in length with a nice waistline. YES! For petite ladies, I don't suggest maxi style dresses, because most of the time the long dress will "swallow" the whole body. So last but not least, I want to share with you another short dress that will flatter your height. It has a thicker texture for winter weather and the fun bright color is very unique, especially if you are looking for something different to stand out in parties. 
If you're wondering where I was in this picture, how come the background looks funny and illuminating? Do you believe it if I told you this holiday party happened in the Houston Zoo? I was actually surprised that the zoo had private rooms for companies/organizations hosting events and parties. And the day of the party happened to be the premier night of the Houston Zoo Light. It was one of their most popular events in December every year. The little glowing animal lights were so cute and beautiful. Definitely a must see if you plan to visit Houston this month.

All three dresses that I shared are not new purchases at all. They have been with me for years. Sometimes I just need a special occasion to bring them out. Do you have clothes like that, sitting in the closet for ages but too formal to wear for daily errands? Well, now is the time to dust them off and take them out for a swirl! And most importantly, have a fabulous celebration, ladies!

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