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If I ask "how many pairs of pants do you have in your closet?" the first thing that comes in mind probably will be "what kind of pants do you mean? jeans, leggings, yoga or dress pants?" There are so many pants sitting in the closet and it doesn't make styling any easier, especially for new moms (like me, who still barely fit in half of the clothes in the closet). Don't you wish that you have one pair that goes with all occasions (casual/work/evening/weekend...) or at least works well in most of those occasions?

A pair of versatile pants will not only save you time and energy in styling but also help cut down unnecessary expenses on clothes that you will only wear once. Today I will share with you one of my favorite style of pants that goes with almost any occasions.
Wide legged pants are very popular and perfect for the fall season. To dress up, you can pair with high heels and formal blouse. To play casual, you just need to put on a loose top or even a cool t-shirt, plus a pair of wedged sandals. I bought this white flowy pants from Topshop during Nordstrom's annual sale. It's probably not in stock any more, but don't worry, I will share some similar ones below in just a moment. The top that I chose was a simple striped shirt, with a loose style. I tucked in the front part of the shirt to uncover the bow tie design (my favorite part of the pants).

If you are a petite body type like me (I'm only 5.3"), and want to look taller than your real height, a trick that can create this "taller" illusion is wearing high waisted pants, because when the waistline moves up, the length of your legs becomes maximized!

Here are some more outfit ideas for high waisted pants. They all have a cute bow tie design and very versatile to pair with any tops. Some days I even walk out in sneakers with these pants, isn't it great?! They are also so soft and easy to clean. If you didn't notice that I have a postpartum cushy belly, these pants definitely did a great job hiding it for me. 
From left to right: WindsorASOS, and Forever 21.
I know just "hiding it" is not gonna solve the postpartum body issue. I'm gradually getting my energy back through fitness class and networking with other inspiring "boss babes". Actually this photo session is a fun collaboration with two fabulous ladies (@talia's touch and @on the B.L.) I learned so much creative ideas from them! If you ask a fashion stylist what to wear this season, one thing they all agree on is that one doesn't have to buy trendy clothes all the time, but rather, the most stylish way is to buy the ones that work for you:
"Before purchasing new item, consider your shape first, trends second. 
Understand that and you'll never make mistakes. --Style by Anete"

Modeling with Talia, photo by RaeAnna

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