Liebster Award 2017

Almost Nomadic is nominated for The Liebster Award 2017! Huge thanks to The Forever Honeymooners, a great blog about a couple's life, travel and adventures. Please do check their blog and see how they keep a "honeymoon state of mind" throughout marriage. 

Questions from The Forever Honeymooners:
  1. If there is one person you want to travel with (not including your family) who will that be? --I want to travel with a filmmaker or a video photography, to record every adventure and make a life movie out of it.
  2. If there is only one place you can travel to, where will that be? --Hmm, too many good places...I will have to pick Barcelona, a lot of beautiful memories in that city.
  3. What are the five things you will never travel without? --Camera, IDs, iPhone, credit card and a cute dress.
  4. What is your best travel memory? --Husband buying me favorite dessert in every city we travel.
  5. What is be worst challenge you have ever come across while on the road? --I got pickpocketed abroad and lost my green card, couldn't make it back to the State. After some back and forth with embassy, and a week of waiting, eventually made it back home!
  6. Who are the most memorable people you’ve met while traveling? --An interesting woman on Caribbean cruise predicted that I will have three children in my's funny cuz I'm totally fine with having just one now.
  7. What are the most interesting food you have tried? --A beautiful coffee that I had in Madrid, it got multiple layers like rainbows!
  8. What will you never do while on the road? --I will never get a haircut while on the road.
  9. Do you bring a book or a journal with you? --Sadly no... 
  10. If there is one thing you want your blog to be known for, what would that be? -- Traveling with baby is challenging but worth it!
Now it's time for me to pass on the love. My top 5 nominees for the Liebster Award 2017 are:

These 5 blogs have their own niche, motherhood, travel, lifestyle, fashion, and diversity. I like their content and quality photos on the blogs. And here are the questions for my nominees: 

1. What inspired you when you first started your blog? 
2. How many languages do you speak and what are they?
3. Do you like to travel alone, with family, with friends or with strangers?
4. From all the places that you visited, which one you want to go back every year?
5. What is your favorite music on the road?
6. Tell me a fun fact of you that most people don't know about.
7. If you lost your wallet on the road, no cash, no cards, what will you do?
8. If you can pick one celebrity to be your life mentor, who will that be?
9. What is the biggest goal that you want to achieve by the end of the year?
10. If the world ends tomorrow, what will you do now?

Looking forward to hearing back from you guys!

Click HERE for the official rules of Liebster Award

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