Work Outfit for Mom-To-Be

As a soon to be new mom, I am already very tired of wearing those oversize shirts and stretchy leggings for the past few months. There are not that much maternity clothes that will suit for daily wear as well as for work. (Yes, I do prefer to wear something at least semi-formal when I go to the office where clients going in and out most of the time. )
I was wandering at Nordstorm the other day and admiring all the new Spring styles in women's department. Sad for me as none of them would fit my body and this big belly, I noticed a for sale section in Topshop where they have some nice looking blazers for business casual wear. One navy blue one caught my attention right away. The material, not too thick or too flowy, gives a feel of professional suit top. It's big enough to cover my waist and bust, but still keep my body in a fitted shape in general.

It has slim collars on both sides. Perfect to pin my name tag on without disrupting the main front side. With a hair undo, this slick blazer makes me look very professional (especially added some cool and sexiness with this black/white filter effect!)

To pair with this chic blazer, I carry this mint color shoulder bag from Kate Spade. The color is bright and fresh just like the Spring season, and the metallic shoulder chains work great with the highlighted slim medal bar in the middle. Besides the blazer, everything else is light and soft color, like this silky flower print top and my favorite pair of white jeans. Jeans usually not a formal wear for office setting, but a pair of non torn out, well fitted white jeans can make the outfit instantly business casual and lightened up the whole style. They work with everything, I mean any shirts, shoes, and popular in any season!

Here's a close-up of the shirt that I chose for this office look. The material is silky, soft with an inner layer of white tank top so that the sun won't shine through the whole shirt. I bought this maternity top from A Pea in the Pod, especially because of the flower prints that reminds me of traditional Chinese water-colored paintings. The waist design is also very clever with strings tied in the back to show some waistline of a pregnant mama ;) 

10-month restricted clothing selection is long and tough for new moms-to-be. I hope this look will give young moms some ideas of mix/matching maternity clothes with work attires. After all, it's that inner confidence and pregnancy glow that make a new mom beautiful. Wear what makes you feel happy, and strong with a confident attitude looking into the new adventure awaits at the end of the tunnel!

(Photo Credit: Bianca Abigail)

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