Valentine's Maternity Shoot

Being 8 month pregnant doesn't give me much motivation to shop for clothes or dress up for photo shoot. I think I'm just not used to see myself in maternity clothes exposing my swollen limbs and growing body figure lol. With all my pre-pregnancy dresses getting way too tiny, there're really not many choices on maternity clothes that I feel the impulse to spend a fortune on knowing that they will be discarded after the baby's born.

So for this Valentine's Day, instead of getting a new dress, I decided to piece together some cute accessories to spice up the outfit for moms-to-be. One of my newest accessory purchase is this reversible tote bag from Nordstrom. It's big, casual, and versatile. I love the tan color that matches most of my wardrobes. The inside color is cognac, a little bit darker, but also works well with any color outfits. Can you guess what I can fit in this tote bag? My wallet, sweater, water bottle, some snacks, makeups, chargers and a light book...Very soon, this bag will come in handy to hold all my baby stuff!

The next piece is a small hair pin in a butterfly kinda shape, super cute and easy to pin on the side of your hair or it can be used for hair up-dos if that's your style. The bling bling effect gives the outfit a glamorous touch. My mom got it for me from China for my wedding three years ago, but I didn't get to use it. Now I look at this hair piece, though a bit over exaggerative, it makes a strong statement for special holidays like Valentines, it's bold, sparks, and draws all attention of your lover. 

I'm not a big fan of necklace but I do have a few that I bought a while ago at local jewelry stores that I barely wear. I picked this gold/yellow necklace piece to go with the dark rose color shirt. A little bit too strong on the color combination but it turns out great under the sun, with a great contrast to the shades and my dark hair. Sitting on a bench and enjoying the sunny weather with some pretty accessories on is exactly what a relaxing day that I could ask for. 

Thanks to my friend/photographer Bianca, I got to troll around this nice townhouse area in the Woodlands where there's a little waterway in between the patios. I can't help treading the water with my bare feet just to get a close contact with Mother Nature and a nice cool down under the sun. 
Having fun treading the water just like a kid!
This feather-looking head band piece is one of my favorite accessories. Again, it works for wedding dresses but also works perfectly for an occasional dress-up with hair down or updo. If I'm having a girl, it will be a great piece to pass on to my little princess. Knowing that I'm having a baby boy, I guess nothing wrong with mommy enjoy this precious peaceful moment, before her little prince's arrival ;)

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