Cravings and Cravings

A frequent question that I got the most during this pregnancy is "How bad was the morning sickness, any special cravings?" Luckily enough, I did not have any nausea symptoms during the first two trimesters, and hopefully there won't be any in the last few months. I can pretty much eat anything. As for special cravings, spicy and sour food is my favorite during first couple of months. I will put kimchi, pickle or Sriracha hot sauce in every meal! Now that I think of it, the combination flavors sound kinda weird and gross...

Good part is that phase only lasted for a couple of months. Now my cravings went back to my usual sweets: cakes, ice creams, anything served in desserts.
1. Drinking too much tea is not very good for pregnant women because it limits iron intakes. But it is just so hard to quit my long time addiction, milk tea. (I will try not to drink it every day like before.)
But just look at this cute light bulb shape of milk tea, how can you help not to order one, right?

Besides milk tea, pastries and mocha latte are my recent favorites. Found this new coffee shop not far from my place. Their mocha latte is very refreshing and milky, their croissant is wheat based, a healthier option for preggo. And the place decorated very hipster, reminds me of Austin coffee shop a lot. Very cool place to catch an afternoon drink with my girl friends.

Next up is cake, all kinds of cakes! I went to two birthday parties in two weeks, tried a slice of almond fruity cake, very creamy and soft, too good, I forgot to snap a picture of it...Another one that I explored is ice-cream strawberry cheese cake. It's very iced, sweet, and very filling for an after meal desert. The look of the whole cake is very colorful and pretty. The cake is so dense that I couldn't even finish two small slices...

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