One Step Closer to Nomadic-To A New Chapter of Life

In just one week, I will be leaving my first full-time job with Fox Sports. It has been an interesting three-year. From knowing absolute nothing about baseball to having a favorite team to root for in MLB, I am surprised to see myself doing alright in this male dominated industry. So why am I leaving a secured job and becoming one step closer to "nomadic"? What does the future look like for me? And will I be happier?

The answer is not definite, but I surely hope it's promising and full of interesting adventures. First thing that I planned after the quitting is to go back to China and visit my family. It's been over three years since last time I went back. To be a real traveler, I should really spend more time to explore my home country. I got a few places lined up, and can't wait to start the trip next month.

One thing I know for sure is I will be planning a lot, thinking a lot, spending a lot of time in coffee shop working on new career skills, and meanwhile I will have more time for traveling and acting. Will it work? Will I succeed? Well, I will never know if I don't give it a try, right?

Ask yourself, what do you crave for your life? Freedom, adventure, the unknown, or stability and everything under control? Life offers some interesting and conflicting choices. I enjoy the nature, but get scared by wild animals. I like to be carefree and just wander around the world, but I also like metropolitan fashion and spend time thinking and creating chic styles. It's hard to find a perfect balance that can fulfill your desire but also leave some room for conflicting interests.

Last and the most important is: I know I feel happier in the end if I follow my heart and make efforts to keep trying. Not be afraid of new adventures is always my favorite rule of living.


  1. So happy for you, wishing you an exciting and happy adventure in your new travels.

    1. Thank you, Raul! I can't wait for visiting China next month. Let's keep in touch :)


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