Here's to Something Blue

I love the color blue. It makes me feel calm and refreshing,  
 which is probably why I never get tired of looking at 
the sky and the ocean.

Summer can be filled with colorful elements.
Hot pink, neon green, cherry red...
but the shades of blue will stand out with elegance and serenity.

Straw hat is a traveler's friend.
Providing shades while adding texture to the outfit.

Let your hair down;
Close your eyes;
Take a deep breath. 
Don't let your body and soul get lost in tasks and goals.

Some laces, and some chiffons 
flattering and playful
light but not transparent

Eyes on the next destination,
Be ready for the next adventure. 
oh, as always, don't forget your beautiful smile.

Photo by Jin
Dress by Francesca's

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