Beach Vacation: Which Camera to Bring

Summer starts early in Texas. Beach vacation is always exciting to plan, no matter it's a family vacation, romantic getaway, friends union or just missing the sunshine, the splash and glowing/tanned skin.  While our main goal is trying to pack light, let's see: you probably got a few sets of swimsuit, dresses for casual/formal dining, plus matching shoes, lots of sunscreen, massaging oil (someone might prefer), etc. Not a very light-packing kinda trip, isn't it? If you are like me, who puts which camera to bring on the top of the list, here's some of the options that I consider beach-friendly cameras. 

1. DSLR Cameras: Big No-No for Beach, especially if you plan to get into any water activities.
Unless you are a professional photographer on a job duty to feature the sight of the beach and not intended to take pictures of yourself in the water. 

2. Go-pro Camera: Recommended. great for water sports and underwater captures. 

This is a picture by Go-pro with selfie stick. No need other people to take picture for you and your friends. Wide-angle shot adds to a special effect of the background. Some people likes the wide angle shot, while some are not so much. There are different settings in Go-pro: wide, medium and regular angles for you to choose. But based on my experience, even the most narrow angle, you can still tell it's a go-pro taken pictures. 

Yoga On The Beach (Go-pro Narrow Angle Shot)
3. My favorite Option: Waterproof Case+iPhone Camera

Cellphone is the easiest to carry, and pretty much everyone has its phone with them everywhere and anytime. So why not just use your phone camera and capture every moment during your beach vacation. The only question is we need a really good waterproof phone case to protect them.

The one I have is very simple and affordable. They are usually very easy to find on amazon. It's not anything like Go-pro hard case, but more like a durable "plastic bag" to seal your phone but you can still touch control the phone outside the waterproof layer. I love this feature than Go-pro, because their case is not soft or thin enough to sensor your finger...)

Here's a picture taken with the waterproof case. I was standing inside the water and no need to worry about my phone will get wet. Very clear image of the water and the sunlight reflection.

Now you might wander, how deep level of water this waterproof case will protect you in...The picture below was taken at the bottom of the pool, so a feet of deep is perfectly fine. I haven't tried it for snorkeling or scuba diving, probably not easy to carry the phone on one hand whiling diving anyway. So best recommended for poolside activities and low level water activities.

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