Training at Flight Attendant Academy

Ok. Here I am at Fort Worth, done with the first day training orientation. Everyone is surprisingly so nice and welcoming here. I guess this is protocol of flight attendant industry. Smile is the most powerful language here. I was settled in a hotel near by, and to my surprise, In and Out Burger is right across the street of the hotel. So my first meal here before training is a nice little burger plus a sweet strawberry milkshake! 
Here is just a sneak of the room I'm staying in a nice and clean place for two ladies. Yes, I have a roommate. And do you know how old my roommate is? She is FIFTY!!! Unbelievable!! Her spirit and energy is something young people can't even reach! She is such a nice and out-going lady and we can just keep talking all night lol. 
Now it comes to the food at the training center. We got covered three meals everyday throughout the whole training process. Here is how much I have been eating every meal so far! OMG, I'm gonna be so fat after this two months' training T.T
 (good clam cheddar soup, delicious chocolate pudding, AMAZING salad mix!)

 Finally comes to talk about real content of the training. First day is the  most relaxing day, since what we do is just introductions and icebreaking games. Getting to everyone including classmates and all the managers. The picture below is when we visit the Airline museum this morning. There are bit history facts, videos, pictures, and of course these plane models. I think this one right behind me is in the real plane size.
And the last picture is one crayon art work I did at the museum as my very first airplane scratch lol. 
Training doesn't leaving me much time to blog in much details. I guess I'll just keep it in a image focused blog and keep it updated as much as I can :)

P.S.: 2 months of training passed by really fast. I was this close to step into the airline business. No matter what, I enjoyed everyday in the academy, appreciated the friendships that I made and valued the unbelievable experience. Good luck to all my fellow flight attendant friends. I'm sure I will see you sometime in the future when I fly with AA. 

Here are some more pictures that I didn't get to post:

              -- In Memory of A Fun Short Journey 

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