One Week Left in Austin--Just Looking Around, Again

While busy with packing and subleasing my room, I didn't stop hanging out with friends, and I'm pretty sure this will keep filling out most of my remaining days here in Austin wahaha :)

Alright, when you are wondering what food picture I'll post this time, I'm gonna take a short break from greasy and fatty stuff. Summer always visits Texas much earlier than other places, so nothing could be better than a cup of frozen yogurt in this steaming weather (well, it's good for all seasons too). Thinking of 3 years ago, the first time I had froyo in my life is right here in Austin, at a tiny store called "Swirl" on the drag. (It was the best dessert I had at that time, thanks Jin for taking me there btw ;) ) Years passed, business went down. I was so sad to see Swirl was closed down recently T.T (probably because more froyo stores booming nearby.) But anyway, I still frequently visit different froyo stores all over campus and far west area. However, there is one that I always visit with my laptop, and that is Red Mango. Because it is close to campus and has free parking at the garage (you know how hard it is to park around campus @.@ always drive me crazy! ) and also because there is barely anyone (besides the cashier)  in the store, almost EVERY time I visit (haha, NICE!!!) Chilling with friends at froyo place is my favorite leisure activity (well, maybe my 2nd favorite, right after tea lounge).

After froyo, walking with Laura on the drag, killing some time before heading to my appointment with int'l office. Just when we feel sad that there is not a single cheap clothes store to shop on the drag, we came across Urban Outfitters, the only store that has cool clothes with a reasonable price tag ;)   Do you know what defines a store as Fun? ---go check out their book selections :)  Urban is definite a fun place to kill time near campus, trying different weird clothes without worried about not buying them is one reason, but don't forget to take a peek look of their interesting books (dunno if anyone really bought a book from a clothing store, but yah, definitely worth a look). Most of the book categories you can find from Spencer's, but just feel a bit different when you see a "sex position-related" book decorated nicely in a cute pink section of the store ;) I guess it is this awkwardness that makes drag or Austin so different right?

All right, I'm getting so hungry while writing this post. Time to cook some dinner :)

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