Two Weeks Left in Austin--The First One is Up

Free food is always my favorite part of staying in Austin. Walking around campus, on the Drag, or just a random place, people are giving out free stuff or coupons ALL THE TIME.

I had a free pizza coupon for a long time and haven't be able to redeem it, until now I only have two weeks left to re-experience Austin. I decided to redeem my free lunch at Austin's Pizza! (one of the signature food in Austin). I've had it millions of times at different events or parties, but to be honest, never actually dine in at the store. I heard they open 24/7 now at the Drag (wha? they never have those when I was at school T.T) Oh well, at least I'm very happy with my free slice of pizza called "Far West"(exactly the same name as where I live in Austin, ahah!)

Next thing I gonna miss a lot is free milk tea rewarded after receiving 10 stamps at Tapioca House. (especially a good afternoon drink after that greasy pizza.) After three years of cold drinks adjustment in the States, I finally don't have to order hot water every time I visit a restaurant (FYI: hot water is kinda a Chinese female thing). But this time, I order a cup of hot milk tea just want to remind me what it feels like to drink hot non-coffee beverage. Guess what? the warm fluid still makes my stomach feel comfy and satisfied :) (good, I'm still qualified to go back to China lol)

All right, so the first day is basically just a free meal day! (Nothing is better than this lazy cheap meal to start a 20-day countdown right?)


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