2 days left in Austin 3: Errands and The Cup

Errands, errands, errands...from bank to supermarket, from Lowe's to post office, and from DPS to copy shop...Thanks to the cool breezing weather, I decide to commute to different places by city bus today (well, most of the places). It's always fun to tour around by the bus, seeing all different kinds of people, and the ride gets more "fun" when encountering some homeless-like passengers. Before I got my car two years ago, I was so reluctant to take the bus because of those random "crazy" people on the bus. I think time really did a good job in getting a person immune to something. I got used to random people sitting nearby just start talking on the bus lol.

Today's topic passenger that I met was an old guy (maybe around 70). He started to ask "are you ALSO a student from UT?" Surprised by his word of "ALSO" in his question, I answered briefly "graduated already." Then the guy started to talk about his college life and former degrees. According to him, he had a PhD in Sociology and he played UT football as a quarterback back in the old days. From there, he began to brag his swiftness in running and catching, and I was stunned when he said that it is also the reason why he only dates girls in their 20s even now, since "apparently", most of the women in his age can't catch up with his walking and sprinting any more...I just sat there and listen to his big speech (meanwhile talking to myself "this man is RIDICULOUS"). No idea if any of his words are true, but at least, it was fun to see someone talking randomly and bragging about the "good old days." (I hope that PhD in Sociology is not true, otherwise it will be so sad to see the future of that major lol...jk)

Got off from the bus, walking by Walmart, I found some thing interesting right next to the front gate. It was literally a bike-shaped, bike rake! Whoever designed this is just so cool. These little creative design tricks make the dull bike rake come to life. I wish I had my bike with me to lock it up against those cute rake. Oh wait, too bad, I'm selling the bike to a UT student tomorrow T.T (sorry bike, you are not helping me on the packing process..have to give you to another owner.) But I'm gonna post the cute bike rake here just for the memory of my old one :)

The last errand of today, or should I say meeting is to say goodbye to all the members at Austin Chinese Arts Association. It has been over one year since I first participated in hosting the Mid-Autumn Festival in front of the Capitol Building. Everyone there is so nice. I always feel like a young kid being taken good care of in the group. At the last meeting, the board member got me a flashy cup that has everyone's name signed on it! (It was so sweet!) Leaving this organization makes me feel like the first time I left home heading to Beijing for college. It's just this time, I'm leaving for a job in another city. With all their wishes and blessings, I felt both heart-warming and sad. Departure has never been an easy thing, and I decide to hold my tears and look up high into the future ahead...

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