I Can't Have It All

I always thought third-wave feminist is the best word to identify me, though my exbf "accused" me being too feminist and sacrifice him to pursue my study overseas. Until I met him, I suddenly find the feeling of falling in love. I just wanna be a girly girl and enjoy sweet romance. But yesterday, he told me to be independent, to make my own friends because he can't be here with me all the time. Life is just ironically funny. When I finally understand love and accept romance as a part of my life, I just can't have it the way I want it to be.

Sometimes love seems so vague, and the future of two people in love is fading away. Time is the only thing that constantly controlling and testing everything. It reminds me a movie that I saw last year during Austin Film Festival, Like Crazy (2011), in which two love-birds fall in love with each other crazily no matter what nationality they are, how far the immigrant law set them apart, and how different their paths of life diverge into. Years passed, and they finally got the chance to stay together. However, time changes people's feelings in a subtle way, and they will never feel the same way as what they did before. Physically together, but spiritually thousands of miles away...

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