Running in the Rain!

Even though having been here in US for about 2 years, I am still really conservative compared with American girls. One thing that I thought I will never get used to is bar crawling. I gave it a try drinking some girly liquor a couple of times but nope, still not into it. (Ironically, I'm much better at it after 5 years of americanization lol).

Yesterday, as usual, hanging out with my friends on a Friday night, I was very reluctant when they suggested to go to downtown. However, I don't want to be a party bummer, so I still went with them. It was drizzling a lil bit outside, which added up to my reluctance. What was worse, the way to downtown was a totally craziness and embarrassing moment. I didn't know we were going to downtown ahead of time, so I wasn't party outfit ready, but just in a long sleeve shirt and a usual jeans. Almost all the girls on the bus to downtown were wearing sexy dresses, heavy make-ups and high heels. I was really quiet on the bus, didn't even try to have a conversation or anything. 

About half hour'f torturing on the bus, we finally made it to the bar area. It was a pop/country bar, which had both country and pop music played inside. After each of us got a drink, it was the typical "shouting time", which I meant chatting in a loud music place. Usually, I won't participate a lot in those conversations because my low-volume voice and my Chinese accent that makes people so hard to get it especially in the bar. However, that night, I didn't know why I wanna change, the position I stood in the chatting circle, the amount that I wanna talk and the topic that I wanna comment. Basically, I just jumped into their conversation now and then, which makes me feel much better than before. 

Bull-riding was definitely a special thing for the bar we went to. It was fun, exciting, even though just standing by and watching the people doing it. We got really excited when three of our friends, (all of the three are guys) got on the bull and attempted to tame the crazy bull. To support them, we were laughing, screaming and taking photos for them. It really lighted up the party mood in some way. Then in the dancing pool, there was a session that everyone could get in and try to learn moves from others. no one was experts but just trying to have fun and imitate those funny movements. Learning to dance is always my favorite activity in my life btw.

More drinking, more bull-riding and more dancing...Everyone just got really happy the whole night. Well, we didn't expect that the most exciting thing for that night actually starts after the party, when it was pouring rain outside at 2:30am and everyone in the bar had to get out because it closed around that time. We were stopped by the rain and didn't know how to get home since we didn't have our car here. someone suggested to call a cab, which was agreed by most of us. And then suddenly a guy suggested to run all the way to the bus station and then go get food together when we got to the campus. Ridiculous as it sounded, to our surprise,  we finally decided to do it at least just for this only night! Yep, running all the way to the bus station! As fast as we could, screaming and shouting were the best way to encourage ourselves and shared the excitement we had at that moment. After a LONG wetty run, we finally made it to the station and got on the bus. Everyone was gasping and hard, so tired, but SO freaking high!!!

I never thought I would spend a night like this in my life, random, crazy and exciting. Sometimes, it just takes a few seconds to change our mind to take a risk, and all we got is the fantastic moment of adventure. This is life!


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