The End of High School Musical

Finally, I sent in the third chapter and conclusion of my thesis on High School Musical films. Started from last summer, the first draft eventually came out 7 months later! Nights of thinking and writing, sleepless, anxious and "torturous". It is really not that easy for a non-English speaker to write a 70-page page of textual analysis on media representation. After went through all the process of paper composing, I am finally familiar and comfortable with academic research. Though the study of HSM is over, the mode of critical thinking is still going on. HSM will always be a memory in my life. One day, when I look back at my paper in the past, I probably will laugh loud that I even wrote a paper about a Disney musical film series. Anyway, I wish I could never grow old, or at least always keep a young and energetic mood no matter where I will be or what I will become.

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